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                                                                                                        About Us

 Manuro Tech Research was founded in 2008 by Manoj Kumar Singh. Who is expert in Nano and soft computing. He is founder of Adaptive Social behavior optimization (ASBO) which is based on human social behavior to solve complex engineering and science problems. Manuro Tech Research relies on many technologies of natural computing and fuzzy logic to address difficult problems such as image Authentication and Restoration, Classification and Clustering, Systolic architecture design, Scheduling and Retiming in VLSI  synthesis, Biometric recognition, WSN life enhancement and Sensor Node Localization etc. Our problem-solving techniques are based on the advanced technologies of natural computing and nano computing, which our lead scientists experts. We have engineered ways in which different domain under NIC like evolutionary computation, swarm intelligence ,Neural Network  can be integrate to achieve better performances and it can combined with other computational intelligence technologies like fuzzy systems, Quantum computation. The result of our research and development of computational intelligence technologies is our ability to quickly produce solutions to complex and dynamic problems. Our solution approach does not require much human expertise to discover best solutions. Manuro Tech Research’s revolutionary software can go beyond the limits of human knowledge and allow the computer to generate and test its own solutions to problems which may have unmatchable performances.