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                                                                    MGOS : Manuro Global Optimization Solution





 Manuro Tech Research has developed MGOS, a commercially available software tools that incorporate the ASBO for any type optimization problems. The software runs on standard desktop PCs and can evolve and optimize solutions for various applications like scheduling, routing, pattern recognition, forecasting, clustering, and other areas of application. MGOS explore and exploit the solution space in faster and efficient manner compare to other evolutionary or swarm intelligence approach to deliver global solution.

Salient features:   Generalize (can apply for any type of application) applicability for different type of problems having Continuous, Discrete, Binary or Constraint nature. It can handles wide variation of dimension range in problems from 1 to multiple of 1000.Technically MGOS is self adaptive and does not require domain expertise to solve the problem.  Solution storage in XLS sheet makes portability easy and graphical analyses are available to get more detail understanding.

For information on licensing Connect or extending Manuro Tech Research’s software tools for your application, please contact at: