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                               Technology Research

Manuro Tech Research has deep intrest towards investing  capabilities in fundamental  technological research.We believe if technologies are improved in their fundamental level ,its afffect directly appears in tha applications which are based on it.We are  involved in technological research over several aspects of natural computing and fuzzy logic.





                                                            Natural Computing

Natural computing is the field of research that investigates models and computational techniques inspired by nature and, dually, attempts to understand the world around us in terms of information processing. It is a highly interdisciplinary field that connects the natural sciences with computing science, both at the level of information technology and at the level of fundamental research. As a matter of fact, natural computing areas and topics come in many flavors, including pure theoretical research, algorithms and software applications, as well as biology, chemistry and physics experimental laboratory research.Natural computing is the computational version of the process of extracting ideas from nature to develop computational systems, or using natural materials (e.g., molecules) to perform computation. It can be divided into three main branches :

 (1) Computing inspired by nature: it makes use of nature as inspiration for the development of problem solving techniques. The main idea of this branch is to develop computational tools (algorithms) by taking inspiration from nature for the solution of complex problems.

(2) Computational synthesis of natural phenomena: it is basically a synthetic process aimed at creating patterns, forms, behaviors, and organisms that (do not necessarily) resemble ‘life-as-we-know-it’. Its products can be used to mimic various natural phenomena, thus increasing our understanding of nature and insights about computer models.

(3) Computing with natural materials: it corresponds to the use of novel natural materials to perform computation,thus constituting a true novel computing paradigm that comes to substitute or supplement the current silicon-based computers.

The main fields of research that compose these three branches among others are :

                                                              Artificial Neural Networks,
                                                              Evolutionary Algorithms,
                                                              Swarm Intelligence,
                                                              Artificial Immune Systems,
                                                              Fractal Geometry,
                                                              Artificial Life,
                                                              DNA Computing,
                                                              Quantum Computing,